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Courtney Grenfell

Courtney Grenfell

Bachelor of Arts (BA)/Bachelor of Laws (LLB) French/Law

Courtney hopes the skills she's gaining while studying law and her passion for language and culture will stand her in good stead for a job at the United Nations. The experience she's getting at the Faculty of Law is surely giving her a taste of what the UN might be like.

"We are encouraged to further our skills in competitions like mooting and that practical aspect gives us a realistic insight into the profession as well as providing purpose to the long hours of study," says Courtney.

"I chose to do law because it's a mental challenge and ultimately provides me with the chance to work in a field with like-minded people. The LLB degree allows me to expand my knowledge and continue to improve critical skills particularly within the practical context the school offers."

For Courtney, studying French has been a complete contrast to studying law. "The lecture is more like a classroom experience which is a refreshing change from being in a lecture with 200 people," says Courtney.

"French has allowed me to further enhance my grammatical language as well as gain an understanding of the culture and Europe as a whole."

Courtney likes Waikato's relaxed atmosphere and says that within a week of moving to the campus from Wellington she felt like she knew people. "Immediately there was a sense of a secure healthy environment where both study and social life complemented each other." She particularly likes having the recreation centre, classes and the pool on her doorstep.