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Sanjay Patel

Sanjay Patel

Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Chemistry

Kerikeri High School

“Waikato is an excellent university choice, with smaller class sizes resulting in more practical work…”

Sanjay Patel found his passion in chemistry and finance at the University of Waikato after deciding an Otago health sciences degree wasn’t for him.

The former Kerikeri High School student is currently studying a conjoint Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Business Analysis degree and has also completed statistics papers to further support his Chemistry and Finance majors.

One highlight for Sanjay has been the practical component of his study, and its real-life application.

“Practical work is such a nice change from theory and can be quite fulfilling. In the first year we built and raced boats in an engineering paper, while last summer I was granted a $5000 Summer Research Scholarship, where I used computational chemistry to investigate phosphine-ozone complexes in the atmosphere.”

In the future Sanjay’s aim is to use both his science and business degrees throughout his career.

“I would like to potentially complete a PhD in analytical chemistry. Following this I would like to either work in the finance industry for an investment bank or move into an analytical chemistry career. Becoming a university lecturer in analytical chemistry is also a career path I might pursue.”

“Waikato is an excellent university choice, with smaller class sizes resulting in more practical work, which is valued by industry managers. Waikato has allowed me to diversify myself through networking, taking broad paper selections and getting involved in extracurricular activities. All of these things will help me stand out to potential employers.”